The Conversation

Its you who should be judged
Its you who must cry,
No its not brutal
I am always right thats why;

Its you who is afraid
Of the success I can achieve,
Oh yes its your fake pride
So you judge so you deceive.

I ask for dowry and I ask for more
You think its a greed,
let me tell you a secret
Its to belittle you and put me on driving seat;

Oh I know of this centuries old plot
And I understand this scheme,
So keep driving on and on
While I chase down my goals my dream.

I hurt you I harassed you
I robbed you of your rights,
So how can you go on
I thought I broke your might;

Its was not my destiny to get mugged
Of my esteem of my pride,
You know why I matter
Because I have a dream and I always see a light.

Why I am having second thought
History is on my side,
Why I am feeling remorse
Is it not old customs which is always right;

Stop the blaming as nothing is permanent
You just repent and you just undo,
We are two sides of same coin
So if I can change so can you;

But first you have to understand how I survived
How I went on and How I thrived,
Just get in my shoe


Note: This post is dedicated to all women out there and men who want to change.

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